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to death in a birthday party. >> a witness told abc 7 news several attackers wearing blue ban dan yaz rushed into the yard and shot the victim. police are investigating whether it's gang related. >> in vallejo, police arrested a retired marine accused of shooting and killing two neighbors. >> the 65-year-old served in the marine corps as a teenager, police say they knew each other but have not released a motive here. >> laura anthony is live with the latest in this case. >> and police don't know what made this 65-year-old snap and shoot and kill what appear to be two of his best friends. he walk add cross the street, shot two men, aged 50 and 58 in a front yard of one of the victim's homes. both were pronounced dead at the scene. and he held a s.w.a.t. team at bay 45 minutes before a negotiator was able to talk him into surrendering. neighbors and close friends brought crosses and flowers and left to wonder what man turn so violently on his friends. >> and they all seemed to be friends is all i can say. it's something triggered. i'm not sure. we just have no details yet. >> and now, t
prices are soaring higher than even hawaii autos and. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> gas prices in california are on the verge of breaking an all time record. >> there are prices surging up 20 cents overnight, now surpassing the price in hawaii. abc 7 news is live in walnut creek tonight and everyone wants to know if and when relief is coming up. >> and dan, we saw this morning here in the bay area that analysts predict the number could go higher, over $6 per kbal onbefore this is over. >> this is outrageous. >> customers like these have had their fill of a stunning overnight price increase. >> i should have got gas last night thinking maybe it will go down tomorrow, not the case. >> is there a breaking point for you? $5 a gallon? >> when you need gas, you need gas. you're stuck. >> there have been supply disruptions in the state. >> kevin bornstein says the refinery fire in august is just one of several factors contributing to the high pieses. >> there has been an exxon refinery with an out raj. there is a a pipeline that is having problems. >> there is apparently the station o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2